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House №495

House №495

296 m2


15 acres

Two-storey house with an area of 296 sq.m. located on one of the specific land plots of 15 acres. The price of the house is 215,000 $

The estate is built with high-quality materials: 

- gas concrete block Aerok 300mm, 

- belt-type foundation (1200mm), 

- reinforced concrete ceilings, 

- winterization, and brick partitions. 

The façade is also made from bricks, bringing along a significant advantage – you’ll never need to paint it, thus saving a decent chunk of change.

The estate is located on a 15 hundred sq m land plot on a view, in a cozy corner of Home Resort. A stunning panorama of the sunrise, lake, and forest opens up from the property’s windows. This house is unique due to its second, inner light source. It will perfectly suit those fond of open plans and vast spaces! Such an estate associates with luxurious, bohemian or aristocratic lifestyle, and, objectively speaking, staying in a space with plenty of sunlight and high ceilings gives a great feeling.

The price of real estate in our community has risen by 50% within the last year, and will continue growing, so don’t hesitate to visit us! Unforgettable experience and delicious coffee guaranteed!

1 year instalments available.

House №495 House №495 House №495 House №495 House №495 House №495
House №495
House №495
House №495
House №495
House №495
House №495
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215 000$

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